If you're looking for random computer code, you've come to the right place. We created the Random Computer Code Generator with the express purpose of allowing people to generate random code. Using this free online tool is easy. All you need to do is choose whether you want to see PHP or JavaScript computer code, how many examples you want to see, and then click on the button. You'll instantly see random examples of your chosen computer code.

    Sometimes we get questions on why anyone would need a random computer code generator. It actually has a number of practical purposes. Whether you choose to generate random PHP code or random JavaScript code, there are a number of ways people use this generator. You'll find a few examples below of how this random computer code tool can be beneficial.


    This random computer code generator is a good way to practice your coding. For example, you can generate a single piece of code and then use it to help create a short program. You can make things a bit more difficult by generating several random pieces of code and see if you can implement all of them into a short program. Since you have no idea what piece of code will show up, if you can take it and properly use it, you know that you understand it well. If you aren't able to use it, you know you may need to go back and study up a bit more on how to use that particular code.


    If you're in the process of learning computer coding, this free tool can also be a fun way to learn more. You can generate random code and take notes on the new code you come across while reaffirming you're knowledge of code you already have studied. Again, since you have no idea what will show up when you press the button, you're bound to come across some new computer code you haven't yet learned. Learning new code this way can be a bit more interesting due to the randomness than just plugging through a book.


    If you happen to be learning computer code with a friend, this tool can be an excellent way to test each other. Just have one person generate the random PHP or random JavaScript and then see if the other is able to get it correct. It can be a little more interesting quizzing each other this way than other methods.

    The examples above are just three possible ways you can use this random computer code generator. If you happen to use this online tool in another way, we'd be greatly interested in hearing about how you're using it. A lot of the generators we create end up being used in ways we never anticipated. Understanding the different ways this computer code tool is being used can help us make improvements to when we make updates. If you have a suggestion or idea on how we can make this generator better, please take a moment to let us know.