Random Coloring Pages

    We're happy that you found your way to our little spot on the Internet. If you ended up here because you were looking for coloring pages, you may have found the perfect tool. There are going to be times in your life when you just want to color and when those moments hit, this is the perfect generator for you.

    The random coloring page generator will display a random coloring page each time you refresh the page. While the default of the generator is one, you do have the option to decide how many pictures get displayed with each click. For example, if you wanted five different coloring picture pages to show up each time, you would set the number of pictures to five. Then all you do is click the generate button and five random coloring picture pages (or however many you chose to display) will appear. You also have the option to print each coloring page so you can get right to coloring.

    If you really want to see if this generator is something that would be useful for what you had in mind, the best course of action is to play with it a little while. Sit down and click through a number of random coloring pages and see what results you get. It shouldn't take too long for you to figure out if the random coloring pages would be useful to you. If you find that they are, you have found a great little spot on the Internet to visit every time the urge to color hits you.

    If you're still not sure if random coloring pages is something that could be useful to you, below you can see some of the more common ways this generator typically gets used by others. By seeing how others use it, you may find some creative ways to use it yourself that you hadn't considered.

    Project for Kids

    If you're looking for a fun project for kids to do to keep them occupied, this random coloring page tool can be a fun way to do it. The kids can watch a random picture appear and then in the next moment sit down to color it. Since each result is random, they're never sure what they will see next to color. It's a fun little game that brings a little extra excitement to coloring.


    One of the best ways to relax and reduce your overall anxiety and stress is to color. It doesn't have to be a complex coloring page. Even simple coloring pages will help you relax. The mind has to focus on the act of coloring which helps turn off parts of the brain that produce anxiety so that your stress levels decrease. Coloring a page is a lot like meditation in the way it can calm your mind and soul.

    Improve Focus

    Sitting down to color a page can be the perfect way to refocus so that you can be more productive for the rest of the day. One of the great things about coloring is that it helps you focus, but it does so in a way that isn't stressful at the same time. Coloring has been shown to increase activity in your frontal lobe which is where the centers for organizing and problem solving reside. By sitting down and coloring, you activate this part of your brain so that you are able to relax and focus better going forward.

    Better Sleep

    One of the great benefits of coloring is to help you relax, and that's something that is essential when you're ready to go to sleep. Coloring a picture can be the perfect way for your to get ready for bed each night. The act of coloring a page will help your mind relax so that you are able to get a good night's sleep instead of thinking about everything that happened during the day.

    We hope that you've taken the time to explore the random coloring page generator and have found it useful. If you have any suggestions on how we might make this coloring page generator better, we'd love for you to contact us and let us know. We are always striving to improve our generators and one of the best ways to do that is to hear suggestions from those who are using them. We hope with your suggestions we can continue to improve this coloring page tool and make it the best that it can be.