Random List

    There are a huge number of random generators for virtually anything and everything you can think of on the Internet, but most of these are made to generate specific content. The random word generator generates random words. But what if you have a unique list and you need to pick a specific random entry from that specific list? That's where the Random List Generator comes in. This anything generator is the perfect list randomizer that allows you to input any list you have and it will then pick a random entry from the list.

    This free online list randomizer tool is easy to use. All you need to do is copy and paste your list into the generator. Once done, choose the appropriate type of list (either each entry separated by a new line or by a comma) and the number of random entries you want to be displayed. Click the button and the number you chose will randomly appear from the list you inserted. It really is that easy. Here are some common ways this random randomizer can be used.

    School Homework Lists

    When you're given homework where you have to memorize some type of list, this tool can be the perfect study aid. For example, if part of your science class requires you to memorize the periodic table, you can import the chemical element list. You can then use the list randomizer to study the symbol and the atomic number of each random one displayed. You can use this list generator for any list you need to study at school.

    Foreign Language Vocabulary

    If you're studying a foreign language, this tool can be an excellent resource. One issue with random foreign language word generators is that the words may not be for the exact level you're at. This isn't a problem with the list generator. Input your current vocabulary lists, click the random generate button and the list randomizer will ensure you have a simple way to study for your next test.

    To-Do Lists

    We all have to-do lists and the items on the lists are usually there because you have procrastinated due to not wanting to do them. You stare at the list not being able to decide which one to do out of all the ones that need to be done. One way to jumpstart checking off the items on your to-do list is to have the list randomizer randomly choose the next one you need to complete.


    If you're holding a contest and have a long list of names from which you need to pick a winner, why take the extra step of assigning each name a number? It's less time-consuming, and a lot easier, to put the entire list into the generator and have the winner's name come up with a click of your mouse. Our Random Name Generator also help with this task.

    These are just a few of the many ways this list generator and randomizer can be used. We are interested in how you use it. If you find this tool useful and you want to see it improved, please take a minute to contact us and let us know how you're using it. The more we know about how it is being used, the easier it is for us to improve it. On that same note, if you know a way that would greatly improve this tool for you, we'd love to hear so we can try and implement your ideas.