Weird Words

    You likely made it to the website because you were searching for a random word generator which our main page tool does an excellent job of doing. As would be expected, the main tool produces more common words used on a regular basis by most people. But what if you want to find weird English words? That's exactly why we created the Random Unusual Word Generator.

    If you're looking for words that are part of the English language, but you may have never heard used in conversation before, this is the online tool you've been looking for. It has hundreds of odd, unusual, weird, funny, and just plain entertaining words that you'll never likely use in a normal conversation, but are definitely fun to know. When you think, "I would like to learn a new word today" in your mind, the words in this generator are exactly the type you're thinking of. Since these words are uncommon, the definition of each word is also included in the results so you know exactly what each word means. Below you'll find a number of ways this online tool can be used.


    Seriously, this is a fun generator to just enjoy with no other purpose in mind. There are a lot of people who just happen across this free tool, but once they find it, spend much more time than they anticipated generating unusual random words again and again. Time may fly by as you play with this tool.

    New Word of the Day

    If you're the type of person who loves to learn a new word a day, this may be the perfect tool for you to visit each morning. Since the words in the generator are fun and quirky, it's actually a lot of fun (and not a chore) learning that new word a day. In fact, they're the type of words that you're likely to share with your friends or try to use in a conversation just to see the surprised looks on all the other people's faces when you use it.

    Expand Your Vocabulary

    Beyond learning a new word a day, this tool is an excellent way to expand your vocabulary in an easy, interesting way. While going through vocabulary lists can take a lot of time and at times be quite boring, you're guaranteed to have some unusual word pop up with every click which can make it a lot of fun. Improving your vocabulary doesn't need to be a drag.

    Guessing Game

    This generator can also provide a lot of fun when you're with friends. All you need to do is generate a random unusual word and then let your friends try and guess the meaning of it. Again, this is a great way to group learn new vocabulary in a nontraditional study method. The guesses of what the words mean can often be as entertaining as the unusual words themselves.

    Above are just a few ways this tool can be used. If you happen to use this generator on a fairly regular basis or are using it for a specific project, we would appreciate you taking a moment to let us know exactly how you're using it. While we usually have a general idea of how the tools we create will be used, we're often surprised at some of the creative ways they end up being used we never anticipated. By understanding the various ways it's being used gives us the opportunity to make improvements to it as we update, ultimately making it better for everyone. In addition, if you have a specific suggestion on how we could improve the Random Unusual Word Generator, we'd love to get your ideas.