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    Random Letter Sequence

    You have found the Random Letter Sequence Generator. This easy to use tool will generate random letter sequences. There are a few options that you can choose from depending on your needs. To begin, simply choose how many letter sequences you want displayed and the number of letters to be in each sequence. You also have the option of choosing all upper case letters, all lower case letters or a combination of the two. While the default language is English, you can also choose from seven other languages if desired. Once you have chosen all options, click on the "Generate" button to have a random letter sequence generated to your specifications. It's possible to set this free online tool to one letter to only get a single letter, but it can be easier to do this using our sister Random Letter Generator

    English Letter Sequences

    As mentioned above, the default for this generator is the English language. The sequence generator can be a wonderful tool to help foreign language students learning English or young children just learning the alphabet better understand and recognize the 26 different letters in the English alphabet. This can be especially useful for those who are having difficulty distinguishing the differences between upper and lower case letters. With the option to choose either (or a combination of both), you can quiz the students to see their true understanding of both with each sequence of letters produced.

    German, French and Spanish Letter Sequences

    One of the wonderful benefits of this tool is that it isn't limited to English like many others. The Spanish, German and French alphabet letters are similar to those used in English, but they aren't exactly the same. Each contains a few more than the 26 letters found in English. If you choose to create letter sequences in French, German or Spanish. and additional letters in their alphabet will also randomly appear with the letter sequences chosen.

    Armenian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian Letter Sequences

    For those studying non-Latin languages such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Armenian, this generator can be quite useful. Since the letters in the alphabets found in these languages use characters that aren't even close to similar to what English letters look like, this generator is a great way to study these characters and alphabets. If you happen to be studying Japanese or Chinese, you can find all of the Japanese Hiragana characters and over 3,000 Chinese characters.

    This easy to use tool is a wonderful way to test and practice and of the languages available, especially when you're just beginning to practice writing and pronunciation. The more time you spend practicing, the sooner you'll be able to master the basics of each of the alphabets.

    Vocabulary Tool

    Using this generator can be a good exercise to increase and test your current vocabulary level for those beginning to learn a language. For example, once a letter sequence is generated, you can try to come up with words that begin with each letter in the sequence. For those who are more advanced, you can try to create a sentence with each word in the sentence matching the randomly created sequence.

    Writing Practice

    This generator's usefulness isn't limited to those who are beginning to learn a language. When used creatively, it can also challenge writers to better develop their writing skills. One way to do this is to generate a random letter sequence of 15 letters. It's then up to the writer to produce a fun story with each sentence or paragraph beginning with each of the random letters in the sequence.

    We are interested to hear how you use this tool. By understanding how individuals use it, we can make adjustments to provide a better user experience. Please let us know if you have a few moments to tell us how we can make it better for you or what future improvements you'd like to see incorporated.